2020 Honoured Guest, Alastair Kneale

The Festival Office would like to announce our Honoured Guest for the 2020 ACF, celebrating Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Alastair Kneale was born and brought up in the Isle of Man (Manx: Mannin). He has also worked in London for a number of years and now splits his time between both places. At the present time he is President of the London Manx Society (Manx: Yn Cheshaght Manninagh Lunnin). Alastair is a strong supporter of inter-Celtic cooperation that recognises the importance of promoting modern Celtic identity and culture in the Celtic nations, placing particular emphasis on promoting the Celtic languages of those nations. At the same time, Alastair aims to maintain firm links with those communities throughout the world where Celtic people have settled, and they and their descendants have been major contributors to the society in which they live. As well as actively participating in pan-Celtic organisations, Alastair has also written various articles on Celtic history, culture and heritage. He is no stranger to Glen Innes, having attended the Australian Celtic Festival twice before, including in 2016 when he participated, along with renowned Manx singer Christine Collister, in the Opening Ceremony of the Festival, the last year the Isle of Man was the featured Celtic nation. Alastair has described the Australian Celtic Festival, held in the spectacular setting of the Australian Standing Stones, as “creating the most unique and special atmosphere of any Celtic festival held anywhere in the world.”

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