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An t-arm Mhontrois

An T-Arm Mhontrois is a Brisbane based living history performance group, dedicated to researching and portraying the life of Scottish people in the 17th and 18th centuries. They focus on the historical period encompassed by the Wars of the 3 Kingdoms, sometimes known as the English Civil War, through to the conflicts leading up to and culminating in the Battle of Culloden.

Their name translates to ‘the army of Montrose’, as a nod to the great nobleman and soldier who fought on behalf of the King Charles I in the Wars of the 3 Kingdoms. The ‘Great Montrose’, as he is still known in Scotland was the first general to successfully unite a number of Highland Clans to fight under the same banner. He combined their formidable power with Lowlanders, Irish and English soldiers to great effect, winning successive victories over the well led and highly disciplined opponents.

Members are encouraged to portray a wide range of personas, from lowland peasants to highland warriors and ladies of the court. They fight, they cook, they craft, they educate and are always looking to meet like minded history buffs to share with them their love of Scottish and Celtic history.

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