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String Loaded

At 57yrs of age, Frankie boy is a well-seasoned and accomplished musician. He has been playing drums since the age of 7yrs and acoustic rhythm guitar for well over 30yrs.

With a long history as a Texas blues drummer in the band Biggy Rat for 25yrs, Frankie began playing acoustic covers of Eagles songs as a teenager and his vocal was heavily influenced by the great Don Henley.

Born in Australia but of full Irish heritage, Frankie Boy has always had the passion for Irish music and has recently attacked this genre with enthusiasm and flair, and combined with his blues background he has created his own unique sound making many Irish classics sound like his own.

On stage Frankie boy uses a stomp box, and also occasionally plays harmonica in some songs. His knowledge of the lopper pedal is an added bonus and only enhances the live stage sound to make him sound like a one man band.

Frankie Boys Irish music is heavily influenced by the likes of Finbarr Fury, Christie Moore, U2, and Van Morrison and when played with his country blues feel makes it very much his own sound, he has also recently completed a CD titled Frankie Boy, THE LONE PRATAI, (WELL OIL BEEF HOOKED) of many great Irish covers and is currently recording an album of his original music.

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