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The New England Medieval Arts Society, a social community made up of members and volunteers, will attend the Australian Celtic Festival this year to offer a look at Celtic and Viking culture from over 1000 years ago.  NEMAS provides a static encampment, consisting of tents and various aspects of everyday life including blacksmithing, woodcarving, spinning and weaving, storytelling and more.

At the encampment or village, you can find cooking stews, roasting meat (not for sale to the public), and bread-making; tents and cauldrons and everyday items not seen anymore; folk playing the lyre and pan pipes; the playing of traditional games where the public is invited to participate; traditional arts and crafts both static and demonstrated; and the practice of military drills and exercises.

NEMAS will perform a variety of demonstrations each day, including clothing and lifestyle talks, armour and sword displays, embroidery demonstrations, blacksmith demonstrations, and battles with a narrative theme and audience participation.

Everyone is welcome to visit the village during the weekend.  Feel free to enter their space, sit with them and ask questions.  They look forward to hearing your ancestral stories, too.

This display is a must-see while at the Australian Celtic Festival.

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