Project Description

2019 Amateur Strongman Event – Saturday May 4, 2019

Everyone 18yrs and over is welcome to participate in our Amateur Strongman Event.

This event is fun for all and spectators are sure to enjoy the activities.

REGISTRATION 9am Saturday 4 May, 2019 at the Strongman Area – Australian Standing Stones

Entries close 11.30pm competition will commence at 12.00pm

Nomination forms to be filled out prior to commencement of event to be eligible for prize money.
You must complete the indemnity form before taking part in the competition.
Practice time will commence at 9.00am until close of registration 11.30am

Order of events:

  1. Men’s putting the stone
  2. Men’s caber toss
  3. Men’s farmers walk
  4. Ladies putting the stone
  5. Ladies caber toss
  6. Ladies farmers walk

Come a long for a great event.
COMPETITION ENTRY is FREE to Festival attendees.

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