Pipe Bands

It's time to kilt up and get your Celt on!

Performing at the Australian Standing Stones National Celtic Monument and the festival’s street parade, the pipe bands are a firm favourite, putting on a fabulous show of Celtic sounds and various tartans.

Prepare to be mesmerised by the haunting melodies and precise rhythms of the bagpipes and drums as talented bands from far and wide gather to showcase their skill and passion. These magnificent ensembles will fill the air with powerful performances throughout the weekend, providing a captivating soundtrack to the festivities.

From the official ceremonies to impromptu performances scattered throughout the grounds, the Pipe Bands and Quintet Pipe Bands will be at the heart of the action, infusing every moment with the spirit of Celtic tradition and pride.

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or simply drawn to the stirring allure of the bagpipes, join us as we celebrate the rich musical heritage of the Celtic nations in a spectacle that promises to leave you breathless and inspired.

Festival Program Highlights

Check the program for confirmed timings and locations of the below.

Massed Pipe Bands Performances

Experience the energy of the pipe bands coming together for massed performances, where their rhythmic drum beats, hauntingly beautiful bagpipe melodies, and colourful tartans take centre-stage for a spectacular union of tradition and pageantry. 

See them perform at the end of the Street Parade (approx. 10.15am/10.30am on Saturday 4 May) and at the Australian Standing Stones.

NSW Pipe Band Association Quintet Competition

The Quintet Competition takes place on Saturday in the Stone Circle. Sponsored by the Australian Standing Stones Management Board and St Kilda Retail, this competition allows the pipes and drums to shine amongst the unique backdrop of the Australian Standing Stones.

The Lone Piper

The Lone Pipe has a ceremonial presence within the festival program, performing at poignant moments at Town Square and the Australian Standing Stones. 

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Check out what else is happening around town

Whilst the main festival event is held over two days at the Australian Standing Stones National Celtic Monument, additional festival fringe events are held at other locations around Glen Innes Highlands, many of which are free!

Local businesses also organise and host their own events, contributing to the festival atmosphere around town for our locals and visitors.

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